The South Dorset Ridgeway.

Certainly, for healthful air and prospect, a most delightful place; and, for sight of barrows, I believe not to be equalled in the world.

Stukeley, Itinerarium Curiosum, 1776.

The Ridgeway runs inland for around 17 miles from West Bexington in the west to Osmington Mills in the east. It is part of the South West Coast Path and many ancient monuments are on or near it. It is rich in barrows of various types including the rarer bank barrows.

Two bowl barrows on Tulk’s Hill, just east of West Bexington.
Huge bank barrow on Martin’s Down.
Long Barrow on Martin’s Down, east of the bank barrow.
A large bell barrow on Bronkham Hill.
A large part of the barrow cemetery on Bronkham Hill
The contents of one of the barrows on Ridge Hill. midway along the Ridgeway.
P3130054 (1).jpg
A rare Bell – Disc barrow hybrid at the top of Gould’s hill, Maiden Castle is north in the background.
A very denuded and damged bowl barrow, north of Bincombe.
Four bowl barrows on White Horse Hill, north of Osmington Mills.


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